Justin Timberlake - The Man of the Woods Tour

Date: 01/17/19

7:30 PM - 11:00 PM 

"...Timberlake made it as intimate as he could. He took advantage of a massive stage that included a catwalk that stretched the length of the floor and had a performance area surrounded by a bar for the select fans fortunate to buy a floor ticket.  The catwalk, which was decorated with trees and holographic grass in reference to the tour’s namesake, provided Timberlake with an avenue to tour the arena while he belted out every song. At some point, nearly everyone in the arena felt like they were sitting just a few rows away from the stage, even if it was just for a few seconds at a time.” – Baltimore Post-Examiner

Event Information:

Verizon Arena

1 Verizon Arena Way, North Little Rock, AR, 72114

Phone: 501-975-9000

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