The White House Collection of American Crafts: 25th Anniversary Exhibit

Dates: 09/17/18 - 03/31/19

The Clinton Presidential Center’s newest temporary exhibit, The White House Collection of American Crafts: 25th Anniversary Exhibit  was assembled in 1993 at the request of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. The White House Collection of American Crafts was created to coincide with the year designated “The Year of American Craft: A Celebration of the Creative Works of the Hand” by a Joint Resolution of Congress and a Presidential Proclamation by President George H. W. Bush. The collection includes 73 works created by 78 of America’s foremost craft artisans.

The exhibition debuted during the Clinton family’s first holiday season in the White House in 1993 and then was exhibited in museums across the United States until 2000. The Clinton Center’s 25th anniversary exhibit is the first time in 18 years that The White House Collection of American Crafts has been on display.

“When President Clinton, Chelsea and I moved into the White House more than 25 years ago, we realized that we were temporary residents of a 200-year-old museum that belonged, and still belongs, to the American people,” said Secretary Hillary Clinton. “We thought it was fitting that the ‘people’s house’ become a showcase for one of the nation’s oldest cultural forms. And we wanted to make sure the White House continued to reflect the vital role that art and culture have played in our democracy for more than two centuries.”

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton worked with Michael Monroe, then curator-in-charge of the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, to curate a collection of beautiful, functional works of art from contemporary American artisans. The 73 objects in the craft collection were installed in the public and private rooms of the White House.

*All Photos Courtesy of the Clinton Presidential Center

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